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What an honour!

The DolMor Salon was honoured to receive the Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce award for Business Achievement.  I must admit, David and I were totally surprised by this recognition…and we realize that this great award needs to be shared with each of our fabulous staff.  Thank you to all of those who recognized our contributions to the business community in Norfolk.  We enjoyed the annual awards banquet evening with all of our staff  and our family.  A special note: We were really blessed to share the night with my mom (Betty), who started the salon in 1952 with my dad Flory.  She was so thrilled with the achievement.  What a memorable night.

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New Esthetics Packages

Treat yourself or a friend to spa services in our private treatment room. Services are provided by a qualified esthetician using top shelf products to achieve optimal results.

  • Bronzed Beauty   $65      45 min.  Professional FakeBake spray-tan application in salon with our technician.  Includes pre-tan exfoliating wipes to prepare for service.
  • Dynamic Duo   $75        2 hours    Classic/French Manicure & Pedicure combo for the superwoman in your life!  Includes mani/pedi detailing, “to die for” hand & foot massage and flawless polish application.
  • Pick Me Up    $65         1 1/4 hours   Just what the doctor ordered:  Brow tidy-up, nail polish change and full make-up application, topped off with a quick airbrush of FakeBake bronzer.  *Upgrade to Classic Manicure for $20.
  • Show Stopper   $95   2 1/2 hours   Manicure & Pedicure, rejuvenating eye mask, brow tidy-up.  Includes mani/pedi detailing and flawless polish application. * Upgrade to a veneer polish ($15), add a brow tint ($12), or eyelash extensions ($35)
  • It’s All About You   $145   3 hours   “Gerard” facial personalized to your particular skin type.  Includes manicure & pedicure, an exquisite hand and foot massage and polish application.  *Upgrade with a 15-20 minute back massage for an extra $30


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Finishing touches…

The DolMor needed a makeover (as we all do from time to time).  In January we began demolishing the salon and the results have been nothing short of fabulous.  Yes, it was beautiful before.  Now the salon is updated, trendy and the traffic flow is fabulous.  Thank you dear clients and staff and also thanks so much to our contractors who worked so well together through our transitions.  Stay tuned for updated photos and info regarding our Face Lift party.

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How Exciting!! Four of our Team members will attend America’s Beauty Show this weekend in Chicago. I have been wanting to go for years….and I’m really pleased for the stylists who are attending. Learn lots guys and come back and share your jewels of wisdom with those of us who are holding down the fort!!! Enjoy

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We couldn’t do it without you….

Congratulation to Diana for styling at the DolMor for 20 years!!  And Tim…for 15 years.  These stylist were honoured at our recent Staff Party held at the Blue Elephant.  Thanks for making the DolMor your ‘home away from home’.  We appreciate you…and so do your many clients and co-workers.     L&D

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Its been a while….

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Keeping Current…

The entire DolMor staff participated in a two day ‘hands-on’ training seminar through Martin Parsons. We studied the impact of layer length on facial features, discussed layering techniques, fringe designs….on and on. It was a fabulous learning experience for each of us. We also had a great ‘long-hair’ refresher which was most inspiring. Now…we are anxious to create a new look for you.

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MP3 Flat Iron from HAI

Yup…No Kidding. We have a styling iron, in stock…that is a ceramic, and did I mention the point of difference??? It is an MP3 Player. Pick yourself up off of the floor. I’m just as shocked as you are. I tried it…and I really, really like it. Not only is it a great flat iron with a good waranty, it has adjustable heat control up to 400 degrees F., It posesses Nano ceramic technology with tourmaline…but you can also load it with 2 hours of your favourite music to enjoy while you are styling your hair. Now, young girls can REALLY use their styling iron as a microphone!! lol At $179 this flat iron would be a perfect gift for your ‘tween’ or teenage daughter. I’m thinking of using it and loading it with motivational tapes. If my husband David had hair…he’d load it with a ‘learn to speak Spanish’ CD. The sky is the limit!
And…you thought you’d seen it all!!!

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Wow…what a great success !!!

Thank you everyone for helping us make ‘B  Squared” a huge success.  Over 300 people attended our retirement bash for Betty and Betty.  They were overwhelmed with your kindnesses.  The models were gorgeous, the food was awesome, the photos took us all on a wonderful trip down memory lane, and your shared memories made us laugh…and shed a tear at the same time.   Please join us as a friend on Facebook, and see all of the photos from our party.

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“Betty Squared”…A Retirment Party for Two!!

I hope that many of our friends, clients, family members and past co-workers can join us on Saturday January 29th for the retirement of our two Bettys.  Thats right.  The DolMor is loosing two fabulous team members on that day.  My mom, Betty Engelhardt, will retire after 60 years as a hairstylist.  Un-be-lievable!!  She and my dad Flory were the proud co-owners of the DolMor Salon for 40 years.  And Betty Potz-Kelly has been our director of customer relations for over 20 years.  Wow…who could have known that our client, turned employee would be with us for so long.  Thank you both. Our  Bettys have evolved within the industry…from the advent of the ‘cold wave’ and finger waves and skip waves…to blowdryers and precision cutting.  From pencil and paper and one in-coming line….to computer booking, call-backs and debit transactions.  These two girls have been a part of it all.  Please join us for an ‘open house’ celebration in their honour, from 2-4pm’ish’ on Saturday Jan. 29th.  We will have a very brief formal presentation at 3pm.  Light refreshments will be served.  Best Wishes on please.

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