“Tumaini House” update.

Our “I Give a Goat” fundraiser for Tumaini House in USA River, Tanzania was a huge success.  Wow….what a night!  Approximately 100 guests enjoyed Tia McGraff and Tommy’s music.  We were the first people to hear the cuts from their new CD “Diversity”.  It is absolutely fabulous…please check it out.  Cherie Szucs and Steve spoke to us about the orphanage and the plans for a future school and a sustainable home for the children.  We were treated to cheese from Simcoe’s Jensen’s Cheese, and dilectable treats from the Bellworth House.  Oh…and the wine (how could I forget)…thank you DolMor!  Thank you to the guests who donated $3000 that evening to Tumaini House.  Please look up the website tuchifo.com for more information about this organization and what you can do to help.  Finally, thank you to our DolMor staff who were such wonderful hosts and hostesses and made everyone so welcome.

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